Our Team

We’re a Chicago-based technology company with deep ties in Silicon Valley and we’ve been creating high-end technology for 20+ years via our ThinΛpp and Λnomaly Creative brands, which have of course evolved through several re-brands over the years.

What makes us so unique is we started off as hobbyist developers and designers who wanted to build our own entrepreneurial ventures and found that it was just too expensive, not transparent enough and an overall extremely unenjoyable experience. So, we first wanted to create a client-focused Agency that offered a different experience and then quickly found ourselves deeply intertwined in both Client-side services and our own Venture-based projects.

And, that’s perhaps our most unique strength - that we build platforms that millions of people use - whether it be for large clients or our own Venture side. This is probably why many at Square have referred to us as their most experienced Technology Partner Company - despite us still being rather small compared to some of their other Partner Companies.

Square is just one of our many official partnerships, but our favorite because they serve so many small businesses that make up the lifeblood of America. We work with businesses of all kinds all over America every day - many that use Square POS and/or Square’s Online Websites/Shops and some that don’t.

Our Portfolio (and IP) of Square-powered work is probably worth about $5M+ and spans over the last 5 years. There’s almost nothing we can’t do when it comes to Square and Quick Tap is just the first of a new, upcoming series of Square-powered tools and technology that expands upon our expansive Pre-Order technology that we created for Square over 4 years ago.

If you’d like to get in touch with us, we’d love to hear from you. Please feel to drop us a line at hello@quicktapnow.com or give us a call during business hours (M-F) at 312-857-3511 (CST).