Join Quick Tap BETA free

Quick Tap is 100% free. No fees whatsoever.

We’ve decided to make QuickTap a 100% free feature. We’re finishing up our automatic New Account Creator tool now, but if you’re ready to get access and give it a whirl, just shoot us an email at or a text to 312-857-3511 and we’ll send you a Sign Up link.

We’re an official Square Partner and once we send the Sign Up link, you basically just securely connect your Square Account and click a couple of buttons to import your items, then you’ll be able to hide (ie. set to sold out) and 86 items instantly - right from the comfort of any mobile phone.

Note: Quick Tap is a stand-alone Web App, which means it’s basically a website that can be added to the Home Screen of any phone - making it look, feel and behave like a Mobile App - which makes it super quick to 86 items from your inventory, Square Online Store and Square POS.

Contact us to get a PIN Code to test the Live Demo | 312-857-3511 (or text)