About Quick Tap

Quick Tap is an online-based, hybrid mobile app that features real-time stock updates for Square POS and Square Online Websites.

Businesses that use Square can securely connect their Square Account, then easily hide or show Products or Items on their Square Online Shop instantly. Best of all, it’s free!

Inventory Optional

Whether you use Square Inventory or not, QuickTap works for every type of business that uses Square. From Restaurants to Retail, Services, Specialty and more - it’s as simple as a quick “tap” to instantly hide Products/Items and/or set them to “Sold Out”!

And, if you do happen to use Square Inventory, then you’ll love our Bulk Edit feature, which you can also set by Location.


QuickTap Premium + Custom

QuickTap Premium is our planned premium/paid version, which will feature some other really cool features (that the free version won’t have), such as the ability to schedule items to go in or out-of-stock at specific times on specific days, plus the ability to hide/show items all ALL locations instantly (which is useful for a business with multiple locations for example).

In addition, the premium/paid version will feature Product/Item images/thumbnails, just like what you see in our demo videos, which make it super easy to quickly see and find all the items you want to hide or put back onto your Square Online Website/Shop.

We also take custom requests and will add them to your Quick Tap for a very reasonable rate. Custom features usually range about $50 - $250 and take about 3-10 days on average.


Perfect for Teams

One of the things that makes Quick Tap a must have for any business is the fact that multiple Team Members can have their own 4-digit PIN Codes and don’t need access to the business’ Square Account.


Works for Every Business

Quick Tap works for every kind of business - from Restaurants, to Retail, Services, Specialty and more. If you use Square, then it just takes a couple of minutes to get going.

Inventory so easy, a 3rd or 4th grader could do it.

-Sarah, Restaurant GM (and early BETA tester)

So much power in your pocket - and it’s shockingly fast.

-Dave, Cafe Owner (and early BETA tester)

The PIN Code screen feels just like an App Store App.

-John, Retail Shop (and early BETA tester)

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